KammarensembleN is driven by artistic dedication:

  • it is of utmost importance for society that the different musical expressions of our time are articulated and made available
  • our western musical arts tradition – in so far the way music is capable – plants a seed for deeper understanding of the world.
  • the accessibility – beyond our artist credo – also becomes a cultural policy; to work to enable the composition and performance of new music.

With these common values, based on individual standing points, the 17 members of KammarensembleN decide on our repertoire and the best ways to engage with our audience; both with the faithful listeners but also with a new audience.

The ensemble’s activities rest on two pillars.

  • to convey modern classical and contemporary works – both Swedish and foreign – crucially for new listeners
  • new compositions get a chance to be performed.

We collaborate with composers, concert organizers, producers, festivals and performers, both at home and abroad. This is how it has been since our beginning in 1984.


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  • Violoncello

    Chrichan Larson

  • Bassoon

    Martin Kraft

  • Piano

    Anders Kilström

  • Viola

    Göran Fröst

  • Slagverk

    Niklas Brommare

  • Oboe

    Ulf Bjurenhed

  • Slagverk

    Jonny Axelsson

  • Valthorn

    Sören Hermansson

  • Kontrabas

    Valur Pålsson

  • Flöjt

    Peter Fridholm

  • Harpa

    Laura Stephenson

  • Saxophone

    Jörgen Pettersson

  • Trombone

    Ivo Nilsson

  • Clarinette

    Kristian Möller

  • Violin

    Eva Lindal

  • Violin

    Jeffrey Lee

  • Horn

    Annamia Larsson



Chrichan Larson


Ivo Nilsson



KammarensembleN, since the ensembles founding, has regularly sought to reinvigorate the concert form by inviting artists and actors to explore new staging opportunities, with dance playing a significant role over the years. We recently performed a work by Sven-David Sandström with choreography by Susanne Jaresand. And a forthcoming project presents “Chaplin Operas”, a work by the British composer Benedict Mason. The work is an all-in-one performance in which the music is composed for three Chaplin films.




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